Falco GIF Animator

Falco GIF Animator 1.5

Falco GIF Animator is a Graphics Tool to create, edit and export Animated GIFs
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Falco Software

Falco GIF Animator is a Graphics Tool to create, edit and export Animated GIFs. Create professional looking Animated GIFs with ease.

Main features:

- Loading from DLL/EXE, BMP, GIF(Animated), PNG, JPG, ICO, CUR, ANI, TARGA, PSD(Photoshop), PCD(Kodak), TIFF, ICL files.
- Saving in JPG, GIF(Animated), PNG, BMP, ICO, CUR, ANI, TARGA, TIFF, ICL formats.
- Unlimited UNDO/REDO.
- Copy/Paste in Multiple Windows.
- Paste from other Image Editors, such as MS Paint, etc.
- Pencil, Line, Text, Spray, Rectangle, Ellipse, Filled Rectangle, Filled Ellipse, Fill Tool, Selection Tool, Color Selection Tool, Lasso Selection Tool, Ellipse Selection Tool, Hue Selection Tool, Smart Scissor Selection, Blur.
- Add/Remove Icons using various color depths.
- Effects: Rotates, Flips, Shifts, Contrast, Brightness, Invert Colors, Blur, GrayScale, HLS Adjustment, Sharpen, Emboss, Contour, Contrast Filter, High Contrast Filter, Prewitt, Sobel, Laplas. Masks & Borders.
- Any Size up to 2048 x 2048.
- Pallete editing.
- PNG & BMP 32 bits supporting with transparancy.
- Vista Supporting.
- Multi file opening.
- Scanner and WEB-Camera supporting.
- File Preview.
- Photoshop Selections.
- File Info.
- Vista PNG Packed Icons Loading/Saving.
- Noise Reduce Function.
- ICL(Icon Library) loading and saving is provided. Import to multiple ICL files.

System requirements:

- Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista,
- 16 MB RAM,
- Pentium-133 MHz,
- 2 MB hard disk space

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