Falco GIF Animator 16.9

Falco GIF Animator 16.9

Free Allows professional and graphic artists alike to create and edit Animated GIFs
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While other GIF utilities merely let you load a number of still images and concatenates them to produce a more or less robotic animation, Falco GIF Animator is a comprehensive and free GIF utility that allows you to draw, edit, enhance, and improve your source images to then create a pro-looking animated GIF for the Web, an icon, a button, etc.

Falco GIF Animator covers all the stages of the creative process – from designing and drawing the source images to turning them into an animated GIF file. In between the initial and the final stages, you’re provided with a wide range of options and tools to make the most of the sequence you wish to animate. Resembling a semi-professional image editor, the program includes in its main menu extensive – yet strangely organized – sections for tools, effects, and image improvements to turn the most boring photo or drawing into an amazing shot full of creativeness.

You can rotate, flip, shift, and mirror any supported image, invert its colors, add a blurred effect to it, sharpen its contours, give it a gray-scale tone, or add an embossing, Prewitt, Sobel, or Laplas effect, among others. Many of these utilities come with a “Preview” button, which will help you to try different options without compromising the original appearance of the image. You can add many of these effects to the entire image or use the clipart shapes, the brushes and pencils, or the lassos to enhance specific areas. Its redo/undo functionality will help you correct and rectify any mistake. The results are astonishing and a great starting point to produce the remaining pictures required to add movement to the GIF. Once your pictures are ready, you can open the program’s GIF Wizard to produce the final animated file in the most convenient way.

Despite to the website’s mention of some kind of purchase availability, Falco GIF Animator seems to remain a completely free tool – yet one more reason for all GIF lovers to grab this comprehensive utility before they attach a price tag to it.

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  • Offers a wizard-based GIF creator
  • Supports images in the most common formats and in any size
  • Includes effects and image improvement tools


  • The Play button doesn't seem to work


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